Monday, October 11, 2010

Traditional TV will not "give way" on the computer?

With the popularity of the Internet, more and more young people from the "TV family" to "computer family", when the network has increasingly become the public access to information and entertainment of the main channel, the traditional TV networks will give end it?

Published in Shanghai market information as the authority of TV platform, Sept. 3 opening of "color TV transfiguration and the pan-network era" as the theme of the Ninth Shanghai TV Festival, and made to answer these questions: color TV industry is in its usual market sensitivity and responsiveness to meet the new media era.

Shanghai TV Festival this year, the participation of the brand reached 29, an unprecedented scale. In addition to the active participation of the traditional TV companies, some IT companies are among the come in, they are for TV and network convergence trends, and develop more products with e characteristics of the times. Such as Amoi and Microsoft to launch China's first interactive Internet TV (IPTV); on the radio and television were introduced the concept of using computer-controlled home appliances home intelligent systems; Changhong and Shanda jointly launched the IPTV set-top box; TCL announced three years out is not IPTV function with flat-panel TV; Konka proposed "network definition" development plan; Hisense announced to join Intel's "digital home" program ... ...

Experts believe that the rise of the network and not the traditional TV industry slump, on the contrary, color TV industry, innovation, absorption of new elements, self-change. High-definition LCD TV panel and the combination of multimedia signal interface, compatible with the TV and computer display; network television has gradually surfaced, to achieve set of Internet, multimedia, communications and other technologies in one of the interactive services. Can be said that the gradual integration into the network TV industry is the wave into a new round of development cycle.

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