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AWS Express, turned out to Yanhuang PCC writing a new chapter in BPM

In mid-March 2006, the domestic well-known provider of BPM solutions, services Yanhuang PCC specifically for small and medium business partners launched a new service based middleware platform ------ AWS Express, as a new generation BPM platform It sets development and implementation, operation and maintenance and customer running in one, the full realization of the 'on-demand applications, rapid development of' zero code development and modeling environment, full support from the business process integration features and complete two aspects to ensure the enterprise collaborative.
"Turbulent" business

The face of limited market opportunities and competitive environment, today's business either through process optimization, operations adjustments to improve efficiency, or to merger and acquisitions, outsourcing and restructuring within the business and share other resources, but through the change, the business can not to avoid a split and assembled for the enterprise business system can not find that to quickly adjust its processes to adapt to the new business model, these phenomena led to the enterprise management software solutions provider and the enterprise itself to the current business model to re-examine .

It found that the traditional information system is mainly through the establishment of discrete, pre-operation process in the enterprise data and pre-defined set of processes formed, these systems can not describe the nature of the business, while a little more advanced systems, such as support workflow system, but the lack of process integration and integration of enterprise-class features, can not let the "volatile" business to adapt to new business models.

With the SOA concept to further improve, companies need to provide a set of enterprise-class process management, and can quickly build a platform for new business models, through the platform, enterprise IT staff can use their extensive application of model generation types of applications, such as OA , HRM, CRM, PM, etc., the integration of these applications have an inherent ability to achieve the permeability of end to end process, and can simulate various characteristics of enterprises, while the underlying technology can guarantee independence, which is characteristic of the new business with Applistructure based platform ----- AWS Express.

AWS Express traveling light

AWS Express is designed for small and medium enterprises or enterprises in the rapid development of customized, flexible type of business organization, business change quickly and without complex and expensive energy into the development, implementation and maintenance features, it is these features in China and around the world began to appear, call the birth of the AWS Express, Express follows the customer values and integrate these values into the concept of BPM products among the heterogeneous nature of the support from the database, middleware, support for diversity has been to show a rich layer of personality are consistent with the status quo look at the enterprise point of view, so that the user's investment distribution in the most crucial --- the support of their core business, while the Zheng Shi Yan Huang PCC Express mission entrusted by AWS Express platform and BPM technology, enterprises can easily manage to achieve "both when the" JIT effect (Just in time), efforts to build real-time enterprise.

AWS Express Product Overview

By simplifying the modeling environment to help engineers quickly completed through the browser application of modeling operations, improve efficiency
Provide a unified, collaborative, integrated client applications to meet the needs of general coordination office
Ready access to a wealth of application model, a more simple plug and play tool support
Provide the basis for collaborative office applications OA
Support for HRM (human resources management), HRP (Human Resource Performance), SFA (Sales Force Automation) applications suite
Extensive online help and documentation, professional training can easily get started without a key advantage

From scratch to streamline the implementation of 'on-demand applications, rapid development of' zero code development environment and modeling
Collection development and implementation, operation and maintenance and customer runs in one complete platform
Own office environment based on collaborative OA
Flexible modeling of business organization
Metadata-based model-driven architecture
Powerful workflow modeling, execution and management capabilities
Standard process description to support WFMC XPDL2.0
Simple Gateway Management
MYSQL and SQL Server database support
Relational data and non-relational data integration
Model library to support AWS AWS BPM suite of applications and the economic package

Provide services to applications from the overall operating environment, can no longer purchase J2EE middleware
Support the open source database MYSQL, three database products without purchasing
Meet the BPM-related technical standards, all intellectual property rights on the Yanhuang PCC

Yan Huang PCC (Actionsoft), headquartered in Beijing, is the technology of BPM-oriented model of leadership, business processes, middleware market, the fastest growing independent software vendors, but also China's software industry under the creative force on behalf of the New One, to provide users with the most innovative products and technologies. Yan Huang PCC provides software products focused on the area of BPM-based development platform and business process management framework in the platform of collaborative applications. Meanwhile, Yan Huang PCC to partners and end-users and software related technical support, implementation and consulting services.
The Chinese company's Java technology network ( has become the world's best-known Chinese community and information platform for Java technology, already has distributed in the country and around the world, 10 thousand were Java technology developers and researchers, and actively promoted the popularity of Java technology in China.

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